Policy & Procedures

Thank you for trusting us at Wags to Riches with your pet & their grooming needs! Listed below are some of the policies we’d like you to understand and familiarize yourself with prior to our grooming your pet. Please don’t hesitate to call for further explanation.

Sometimes grooming can expose or exacerbate a hidden pre-existing condition. We will always bring anything we may find to your attention. We do not diagnose conditions but may advise you to seek veterinary attention when needed.

Appointment Policy

  • Arrival 15 minutes or later for an appointment will result in cancellation or late fee if the groomer can still fit you into their schedule (fee price based on how late). 
  • Please walk your pet so they can go potty before their appointment. Cleaning up in the salon will cost $10 extra and result in your pet being kenneled.
  • After 3 no-shows/no-calls of missing appointments, you will not be rescheduled. 
  • We recommend you reschedule your appointment at pickup as we stay booked out.  We schedule as far out as one year in advance.
  • We do not hold appointments in anticipation- you must have confirmation of appointments scheduled. 
  • Pickups after 4:30 will result in a $25 late fee. 


If your pet has any medical problems, we need to be made aware of them (i.e. seizures, pregnant or unaltered pets, arthritis, collapsing trachea, fleas or matting etc.) so that the proper care & steps needed to keep your pet comfortable during the grooming process can be applied. Experiences make the best examples. After being asked for this information at drop off, a pet parent said their pet was fine to be groomed with no problems. After happily spending an extra 45 minutes getting through her highly sensitive groom we were informed at pick up that the pet had a spinal injury. Knowing this in advance would have caused less discomfort for the pet, and a more appropriately estimated time frame for the groomer and the pet parents as this additional time can & will effect other clients estimated pick up time as well.


If fleas and or ticks are found on your pet, it is our policy to automatically give the 3-Step Flea & Tick Treatment with the additional cost of $15.00. We not only treat your pet at this point but also cover all bases and any other guests in our care in the time of your drop off to prevent the spread of these pesky parasites.

Think of your home as a glass bubble, if your pet has fleas your glass bubble has fleas. We prefer an all natural and organic shampoo over the chemical smelling de-flea bands. Our shampoo and treatment rids any pest and debris while also aiding irritated skin and bites. It is not a preventive, so once your pet re-enters an untreated environment they are still at risk. If using salon for services -we will notify you once fleas are discovered to offer you time to treat home and transportation. We will gladly discuss preventive options at pick up.


If your pet has any history of biting, we require notification of this. Every pet handles being groomed differently and for different reasons. Your pet will NOT be turned away, but knowing can help prevent injury and or unnecessary added anxiety to your pet. If your pet has some behavioral issues, we will be happy to do what we can to help work through them and may request that you only visit the salon where your pet can have a “Buddy Groomer” to assist in keeping the experience positive and incident free.


Rabies vaccination expiration date is required for all pets receiving service over 6 months of age. We will also need your Vet’s name and phone number. All other vaccines are in your pets best interest to prevent things like Kennel Cough and Parvo. We sanitize our facility and tools regularly, however, regardless where you take your pet in the world, once you remove your pet from the home your pet is at risk when not properly vaccinated and on a regular parasite preventive. Please consult your vet to be sure your pet is covered before allowing them to visit other places (i.e. The groomers, boarding, or even to Aunt Ester’s house) as this protection is for both you and your pet.


Cancellations happen & schedules sometimes change. If you must cancel or reschedule please do so in enough time for your spot to be refilled. Chronic cancellations may result in the inability to book future appointments and a cancellation fee up to the amount of the grooming. A cancellation or reschedule request made within 24 hours of appointment time is subject to a $25.00 fee that will be added to your next service. Habitual no shows may be subject to a fee up to the price of the grooming and may no longer be able to schedule future appointments for either the salon.


Although accidents are rare, there is always a risk when working on a pet. Because of that, Wags to Riches Pet Grooming would like to make you aware of our policies and procedures in the event of an incident. Our promise is that any incident will be reported to you & if necessary we will transport your pet to a veterinarian. Any veterinary bills resulting from a pet receiving any shaving/scissoring, de-matting or shaving due to matting, being a senior or special needs pet including pets with a pre-existing or unforeseeable condition, or incidences with aggressive or anxious pets will be the sole responsibility of the pet’s owner. That being stated, please know that safety is our number one concern. You can rest assured that your pet is being watched over by an experienced groomer, so we know how to care for animals in an emergency situation.

We “NEVER” sell or give any of your information out “under any circumstance.” We at Wags to Riches take great pride in our work and often post pictures on multiple media sites. As we reserve the right to do so, we respect your personal request against such posts. Simply place a request at drop off and a highlighted note will be added to your pet’s Grooming Instruction Check-Off Form along with any requests for your dog to be kept separate from all others as we are a cage-free environment that helps build social skills for your dog. Cats are always kept separate.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Again, please call the salon for questions or concernsw